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Pilates is a mind/body exercise system originally created by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920-40’s. Pilates uses equipment such as the Reformer to guide and control movements promoting alignment throughout the body. This specialized equipment also allows for many different modifications to advance or support exercises as needed for each individual.

Group Reformer Classes


Suitable for all levels of fitness, experienced or new to Pilates, this is our introduction class. We focus on your technique, strength and control. Learn and perfect using the 5 basic principles this class will set you up for the more dynamic classes offered. Don’t be put off by the title this class will still be challenging and get the endorphins pumping.

Dynamic Reformer

Dynamic reformer builds on what you learnt in our Fundamentals class, or if you have experience from previous classes elsewhere. Bringing a Dynamic flare, the full body workout will take you through a flow of challenging movement patterns taken from the original repertoire with a few added twists. This class is suitable for intermediate clients +. It is studio policy that you complete a Fundamentals class before joining this class. Please talk to your instructor to discuss if you are ready or feel you are experienced enough. Not suitable for pregnant or injured clients.

Jumpboard Class

Hiit Pilates Jumpboard our signature workout! This class is focused around the jump board and helps build fast twitch muscle fibre, burns fat and builds muscle. Designed for the cardio enthusiast this workout will have you burning energy long after you have left the studio. Don’t be scared though- we don’t jump the whole class. This class requires a reasonable level of fitness. Not suitable for beginners, pregnant or injured clients.

Restorative Class

We also offer a Restorative class this class is for anyone.  It is designed for participants who are new to Pilates, returning from an injury or illness or simply want a slower-paced class. The class flows using slow, focused movements designed to improve your flexibility, balance and posture awareness. It will truly restore your mind and body. Suitable for our pregnant clients.Pilates focuses on Strength, Flexibility and Balance. Traditional Pilates creates body awareness and fine tunes motor skills. Pilates Focuses on slow controlled exercises that activate the core and improve spinal alignment.

Intermediate/Advanced Class

Our Advanced classes are perfect for those looking to step-up their practice. Designed to challenge the body and mind, the moves are harder and the transitions are quicker. These classes are dynamic. Participants should have a strong understanding of the Pilates principles.