Hiit Pilates newsletter!
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Hiit Pilates newsletter!

Hiit Pilates newsletter!

Finally, Hiit Pilates has a newsletter! I’ve been so busy with homeschooling and it’s been difficult to adjust to working from home while there’s a house full of people.
I wanted to check in and see how you’re all doing? If you need to contact me, Pilates related or just as a friend, I am here for you. Most of you already have my number or you can DM me via our Facebook or Instagram page, email at sarah@hiitpilates.co.uk

Please be reassured the classes you have paid for are safe on your account and the expiry dates have been removed. You can use the classes at your leisure when we open again, I appreciate not everyone will feel confident to return straight away. You have my support as always.
I’m not sure of return dates just yet, but will keep you all updated with any information that comes my way.

Your Reformer is missing you too!

Rent a Reformer in your own home for £60 per week, minimum 3 month rental.

There’s been such a huge change to our lives over the last few months. We’re missing our wonderful Pilates community that we’ve built together and looking forward to seeing some familiar faces soon!

Take care,

Sarah, Mandy, Michele & Juliana xx